Synths Back

  • Location: Bangalore, India

Synths Back was conceived by Abhishek Chanda. Born out of the islander’s unconditional reverence for the ever impressive Synthesisers. Consumed by the very intrigue of these powerful modular beasts, electronic music is his religion of sorts. Hence a relentless pursuit. Tunes crafted out of thin air aspire to indulge the listeners whilst they identify their own groove in the magical realm of Electronic Music. With his roots from the 80’s Synths Pop Era and being inspired from Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode, Yazu, Mordern Talking, The Human League & also Kavinsky, Justice, Daft Punk & many more, His music recreates the very similar New Wave Disco Vibe. Synths Back DJ Sets include tracks from the very genres like Disco, Indie Dance, Hip Hop, Synth Pop, House and Deep House.His Live Sets with other accompanying musicians include Nu Disco & Synth Wave.Synths Back debut EP ‘Twisted Lines’ which realeased in April 2016, Recreates the essence of paradisiacal dreamscapes. That fascinating space between reality and fantasy. The tracks in this experimental EP exude a proverbial dark vibe. The mood further transcends to lure with inspiring and captivating arpeggio patterns and synth sounds.